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S O L D     O U T :
OSR#26         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 400)

Hartley C. White This Is Not What You Expect 12" LP

you won't find us on your TV // you won't find us on that screen // you won't hear us on your radio and you know what I mean
'cause we're under the radar // we ain't no superstars // we're under the radar a whole lot different by far
we're under the radar // let me repeat that bar // we're under the radar // and we are who we are

Hartley C. White grew up in Central Kingston , Jamaica . for the past 30 years he's been living and writing music in Corona , Queens . a student of martial arts since 1966 , Hartley is the progenitor of a style he calls Who-pa-zoo-tic Music , "a non-classical music" based on the "broken rhythm" of Bruce Lee's jeet kune do . Hartley : "'Who' indicates its lack of restrictions, ability to change, while still being an unknown. 'Zoo' indicates it deals with life in its various forms and conditions." This Is Not What You Expect is a vinyl compilation of material from Hartley's first four albums (all self-released and currently available on CD) , recorded 1984-2009 . Hartley notates his arrangements for a variety of instruments ; selections on this compilation include live-in-the-studio cuts but these are predominantly overdub recordings collaboratively worked by Hartley & engineers Jeff Lin , George Dugan & Josh Silver [Type O Negative] . guest musicians include Larry McDonald [Bob Marley , Lee "Scratch" Perry , Gil Scott-Heron , Taj Mahal , Count Ossie etc.] , saxophonist Tom Smith , vocalist Angie Rodriguez-Finn , and guitarist Vinny Giannettino . Hartley's music is holistic , addressed to you and me -- under consideration is the entire contemporary & past landscape of time and being , from the shape of a joke to the cry of the disenfranchised to the observation of flowing water . this compilation speaks to White's undying commitment to the intuitive and instructive power of music & to the creative partnerships he forged with a series of engineers & collaborators who've helped him realize entirely new ways of music with finesse

17 selections in 41 minutes
art by Hartley C. White , front design by Christina Schneider , w/ lyrics insert
mastered for vinyl by KRAMER at Noise Miami
digital audio at bandcamp
read a 2011 interview I did with Hartley

video : "Let's Play Politics" [by Hartley C. White]
video : "Bicycle Lady" [by Zach Phillips]
reviews etc. are to be found at the Hartley C. White Information Resource Center


OSR // CE Schneider Topical silkscreened shirts [click for detail]

silkscreen prints in different colors on plain white unused 'Hanes' 'comfortsoft' 'crew-neck' "men's" (unisex tho) tees
note : prints are in various colors . send an email if you're particular and we'll see what we can do
[click for detail]
designed & screenprinted by Christina Schneider

OSR#66         (rel. 11.'16, ed. of 100)

Listening Woman Getting Mystic cassette

markets will show up for you

Listening Woman is a network of exceptional musicians led here by singer (& elsewhere , maximum strength guitarist) Katie McShane [also of Kateboard , her duo w/ Jesse Heasly , another ripper who could / should be / is playing in the highest echelon of the greatest of the big leagues] in the well-known Eastern Mass. shire of Boston . I know at least several of the other players studied their learn-ed asses off at the New England Conservatory over there & a couple (incl. the fabulous Leo Hardman-Hill , also of Salt People , & Billy "What" McShane , Katie's brother , who happens to be my very favorite contemporary piano player) studied under Ran Blake in particular , which stands to reason . the whole crew is really beyond impeccable , & the googling of their names will lead you to a maze of worth-it bandcamps . beg them to play more shows ... what can I say about their music other than that it goes everywhere in total coordination via the freshest loosest uncut playing ? the sum effect : nasty chops floating progressive humor for deep listening . here's a snack , Getting Mystic , so whet

Evan Allen - saxophone
Adrienne Arditti - vocals & aux. percussion
Jeff Balter - drums & aux. keyboard
Matt Delligatti - guitar
Jesse Heasly - bass
Leo Hardman-Hill - drum machine & trumpet
Billy McShane - keyboard & saxophone
Katie McShane - lead vocals
Nick Neuburg - drums

digital audio at bandcamp
a music video for "Room Divider" is here
recorded 1/16 and 4/16 by Peter McLaughlin at the Broken Toy Store , Portland Maine
mixed by Matt Delligatti
album design by Megan McShane
original photograph by Ari Ratner
& check out L.W.'s last record , "none-a that stuff!" , here
16 tracks in 27 minutes

OSR#64         (rel. 11.'16, ed. of 100)

Brave Radar High Season Blues cassette

Brave Radar : I hear theirs as 'heavy' music issued 'light' . Tessa Smith & Conor Prendergast (backed here by Andrew Forsythe on bass & Gabriel Ng on drums) have carved themselves such a tight idiomatic niche over the course of their several great albums but it's free in consequence , they 'can do anything' . High Season Blues was very nicely recorded by Peter Woodford (of Freelover Fenner , whose records Conor & Tessa have released on the excellent label they run out of Montreal , Fixture) . oh , hear for those sweet & salty intervals floated as punctuation over protracted Donovan 'slow boogie' rhythms , that sweet counterposed voice leading , an un-twee chamber-musicization of rock , the unflexed melodic strength

digital audio at bandcamp
recorded and mixed mostly at the Bottle Garden by Peter Woodford
mastered by Richard White
9 songs in 22 minutes

OSR#61         (rel. 11.'16, ed. of 100)

Tori Kudo Enka Blues cassette

Tori Kudo has been threatening to do an OSR tape since 2012 , & now (following Maher Shalal Hash Baz's Hello NewYork LP from earlier this year) here it is , Enka Blues , documenting a 2008 Christmas show at Bar Uramado in Shinjuku , Tokyo where Tori played elec. guitar , occasionally supported by Mako Hasegawa's bassoon . Enka Blues has Kudo covering tunes by enka singers like Sachiko Nishida & Mina Aoe , one by Kevin Ayers & a "Johnny B. Goode" version in addition to Tori's own "Ethiopia" , "Tsumetai Ame" & "Haru No Surfer" . the channels are clear , the glasses are clinking

digital audio at bandcamp
recorded live at Uramado , Shinjuku , Tokyo by Tahei Nishikawa 12/25/2008
feat. bassoon by Mako Hasegawa
cover art by Quentin Moore , layout by Christina Schneider
also see Tori Kudo's 10" enka split with A Qui Avec Gabriel here
12 songs in 37 minutes

OSR#59         (rel. 11.'16, ed. of 100)

Jake Tobin Accidentally On Purpose cassette

I know that I shouldn't // wonder how I should be looking for

Jake Tobin (Floridian , now Atlantan) protagonist of the OSR-allied Truly Bald label (& now kicking it in Surface To Air Missive) cuts an impressive shadow & has already earned his hagiographic installment in the annals of what the f&#* . the combo of his insane musical aptitude (horns/drums/guitar/vocal) & need to keep things moving // refusal/postponement of unity effects reminds me only of Kurt Weisman circa Spiritual Sci-Fi (check "Affect" if you disbelieve) , & he can rock-in-opposition w/ the best of them -- this is a ton of music for 23 minutes , so get ready to tune your ear up a time scale or three

digital audio at bandcamp
"thrown on the floor '15-'16 in Gainesville, FL"
more Tobin here & here
cover photo by S. Kaye
12 songs in 23 minutes

OSR#YZ         (only 20 made)

Blanche Blanche Blanche airbrushed shirts

airbrushed shirts courtesy of PC Creations (Pete Christian)
design copied from a shirt Matt Robidoux had custom-made at the beach

OSR#XX         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 3)

Blanche Blanche Blanche Heroes of the Microphone b/w Tragic Bios lathe cut 7"

as long as the winds of time // chime to answer you

memorial "back in the day" edition , rival and corollary of the Feeding Tube 7" .
cut mono to lathe with art by Sarah Smith Quentin Moore

hear / digital audio at bandcamp

OSR#47         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Hellier Ulysses Prime Example cassette

Hellier Ulysses is a young dissident cell operating out of Atlanta . my own impression is that HU use their preternatural musicianship to advance a superficially inscrutable (i.e. 'poetic') robin hood theory easily legible to those outside the semantic traditions that shackle most art today , great or small . their 2nd record , "Prime Example" was recorded 90% live at OSR's own Manual FX studio megaplex , & easy did it . this is not your every day rock band soundtracking 'urban renewal' at hit parties , though people this likeable might turn up anywhere , and I do mean too that musical personality this potent could undermine the thematic of those parties , striking at whatever root's left : all this still without ever being 'war music' , still always meditative and prone , ready even for comedy . HU's asymmetrical song structures seem to encode an optimism that doesn't come easy to me -- I hope they make 10,000 albums , I promise I'll be listening & believing every note . you should also check out their members' other vital concerns , Tankorean & the Red Sea ...

7 songs in 9 minutes ; same program on both sides
digital audio at bandcamp
see H.U. play "Genesis Is Dispersion"
hear H.U.'s first record here

OSR#46         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 25)

[photo is a pre-screen placeholder , not a printed copy]
CE Schneider Topical Treeberry lathe cut 7" w/ silkscreened covers

and someone straight who didn't know // would be confused at how you glow

four covers of songs by the Choir , John D. Loudermilk , the West Coast Pop
Art Experimental Band , and Hank DeVito (via Dave Edmunds , via Juice Newton) .
recorded 2014-15 . lathe cut in mono , screenprinted in black w/ the rest done by hand

video : "Free As A Bird" [by Christina]
digital audio at bandcamp

OSR#35         (rel. 4.'15, ed. of 100)

Nals Goring Ashley's Jacket book

Ashley's Jacket : a 32-page novel in citational verse about seven friends' affliction with a demoniacal jacket . winner of the 2009 Bathroom Novella Prix Fixe

art design by Christina Schneider
you can also read it free on a PDF

OSR#36         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Samuel Boat Flowers 12 Stems 3 Sunflowers CD

if I could travel to a different kind of brother // or the sun
you shouldn't know me

Sam Lisabeth : liquid guitar virtuoso , keysman in Guerilla Toss 3.0 , Martyr Group & Tredici Bacci & Philip Gayle & Spooky Dangerfield accompanist , formerly of Cult & Leper , & sole proprietor of the Samuel Boat personae ; versatile to the max . this record oscillates between tactfully arranged four-tracked songs and live cuts of the most deranged jazz-school-psychological-dropout combo this side of ... Spooky Dangerfield . speaking of the former , these are the nudest , choicest cuts Sam has circulated yet , clear as day , a massive improvement in dimensionality to Sam's already-great older songs-to-tape . more please

17 songs in 29 minutes
with art by Christina Schneider
digital audio at bandcamp
& check out Sam's other albums

OSR#34         (rel. 4.'15, ed. of 100)

Blanche Blanche Blanche Wink With Both Eyes CD

I came late then : dogging , making heat for later // beat this easier
the team is up a hill but they'll be down in a word

originally released on vinyl by Night People in 2012 , this CD has the original art by Chris Weisman & includes a bonus demo of "She's Adopted" . mastered by Pete Swanson , with a little help from Ryan Power , and guest appearances from Chris , Graham Brooks and King Tuff

read a review : AllMusic
17 songs in 42 minutes .
digital audio at bandcamp

OSR#33         (rel. 2.'15, ed. of 100)

JPS OSR#33 cassette

you're right on time // you can do no wrong // sing your song

American funnyman and genuine love font Joey Pizza Slice (aka Son of Salami , etc.) is a monster of a recordist, videotician , a real renaissance man up in Burlington VT . I've been hassling him for something to release since near OSR's inception and I love him like a brother . never heard him 4-tracking legible rock like this before . you gotta hear "Shut It Up" . Joey : "how did you write and record this album ?" on a Korg cr-4 . "were you using any techniques or concepts or methodologies or equipment particular to that period of time ?" Not really , all the songs were written and recorded in haste . "any description of processes ?" I would almost always start with the drum part and build the rest of the song , layer by layer , around that . "can you tell me your state of mind circa the production of the album ?" I was majorly in love , still am . "who is the album for ?" Ashley . "how would you contextualize it w/r/t other music ?" I wouldn't

12 songs in 23 minutes
digital audio at bandcamp

OSR#32         (rel. 2.'15, ed. of 100)

Chris Weisman Living With Poison CD

but we won't play // we'll take our own way
writ large in stars // this myth is now ours

2008 , Portsmouth NH . "I remember a great deal about making Living With Poison, that whole time (somehow). A lot of good narrative stage lighting (arranging and recording the last golden two back at the nightdark school after seeing The Roches at the Unitarian Church (where I myself had performed three LWP songs at a PMAC faculty concert a few days before) (I was the only audience member between like 10 and 50; I stuck out bigtime and I was crying a lot, there in the hardback pews, totally blown away, best music I ever saw), etc.) and technical specs (first album with Inverted Tuning; first album with my magic bass -- probably-60s Japanese no-name short-scale, a "Gary's Special" as Asa Irons would say -- got it at Gary's Guitars for like 189 dollars or almost maybe even only 89 dollars; that's me on alto saxophone through delay a la Synchronicity Sting; etc.). I am afraid, however, I must keep mum (-ish), puncture no real holes in the mono wall of the gooey-gone past. What they reckon must be through the glass. That's the eyes for viewing would for they [sic]. No DVD commentary, just this prick." -- Chris "Cakeandeatit" Carousel Weisman, Brattleboro 2015

art design by Christina Schneider
hear some of this album in a live video of Chris Weisman's Bolo Punch
10 songs in 40 minutes
digital audio at bandcamp

OSR#31         (rel. 2.'15, ed. of 100)

Andrea Schiavelli Souls On Fire cassette

no love for the club scene in America // red lights on the dancefloor , you know I hate this place
telephone on a clothesline // I'm losing borrowed time

Saint Andrea , chief of ace live combo the Eyes of Love , occasional live player for Nude Beach & a past player in the excellent Punks on Mars : "I've only ever been interested in playing music as a conduit and never as an inventor. The failure and strength of "Souls on Fire" is that it relies purely on this strategy. These songs and recordings take full emotional responsibility but display a complete fear of ownership. This tape is like an orphanage and not a home. These songs are only the things I can't change and can't forget that happened between 2009(when I started writing songs) and 2014(when I first had thoughts of quitting). Demos for a band that didn't work out, songs for an album that was never finished, collaborations that fell through, the promise of domestic love, joy that was short-sighted and pain that was selfishly heroic and out of touch. This is the truth for me. This is the only story I can tell. Not the one about the industry and what it means to be an artist. But the one about life. This is a record of my childhood as a songwriter. It is only about the beauty of being wrong and nothing else. The reason I want to put this tape out is to mark the end of this era for myself. This is what I have realized when asked about it."
I have nothing to add but : listen to "Bad Expectations" and see what it does for you

art design by Christina Schneider
17 songs in 37 minutes
digital audio at bandcamp

OSR#27         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 300)

Ruth Garbus Joule 7" EP

really want the world to blow my mind // only take it if it's the right kind : // certain kind

Joule is Brattleboro , VT artist Ruth Garbus's third solo release following a tape on Burger & a CD on Autumn , & her first self-recorded in multitrack format [tho as a former member of Feathers & Happy Birthday she is plenty experienced w/ all kinds of recording methodologies] . Ruth is a favored songwriter in her hilly locale , probably because not only is her orientation toward her fellow artists charitable & not only are her songs without exception exactly right but because she really takes her time hewing , tracking , & mixing these joules [consequently bending out of reach of the myth-grab of "the prolific Beatleboro songster"] . as a result of the intense care she applies to every song , each seems to voice (musical , lyrical) ideas drastically different from the last . this EP is just a slice of Ruthie's power but it'll feed you for a long time . (am I betraying my high-SPF calculated-hype-blocking raw enthusiasm for this music ? I just really can't believe how good these songs are , these recordings ...)

11 minutes , art by Ruth Garbus , w/ x-tra vocals by Julia Tadlock
hear it at Ruthie's bandcamp

OSR#25         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 250)

Blanche Blanche Blanche #9   Hints To Pilgrims 12" LP

on the surface of the mirrored time // that would move us to exhaustion // the magicians are believable
pour is in the lemonade // and they float us and we sort of swim // come before us to retrieve us
for to see the body age // and to see it see destruction // is the aim of our religion

the ninth BBB album , Hints To Pilgrims was the product of a fraught time . post-Breaking Mirrors , amidst NY exodus acclimation , phantom knocks of "opportunity" , & generous social shifts , I concocted a blindingly elaborate methodology to serve as the basis for a planned double album , in which a teetering tower of collaborators were invited to participate . thankfully , these recordings , intended as "demos" , survived the failure of my methodological artifice , & once-&-for-all toppled my inherited , headstrong ambition to create "great works" . as I wrote to Chrissy W. on New Year's Eve 2013 : these songs are the product of sustained personal and collective emotional insight fostered by the songwriting process ... they are true poems about our lives , not offered up for the "benefit" (like a punishing schoolmaster who wants to beat "what's good for the culture" into it) of some imaginary collectivity , but just from me , from us , as I think when I'm thinking well , as I think when I'm with Sarah , as we play , as we do our imagination dance we have always loved to do since we met as the same outcasts we are today ... I can't help anybody to see anything in these songs , and I'm finally realizing that's for the best ! why revisit these songs , why complicate them ? Robert Desnos : it may be that great poetry is necessarily for right now . " sung singing , sung words , piano , bass . appearances by Nachman of Bratslav , Graham Brooks , Adam Steck , Kurt Weisman , & Colin White .

36 minutes , cover/back painting by Alexis Graman , comes w/ lyrics insert
mastered for vinyl by KRAMER at Noise Miami
digital audio at bandcamp

video : "New Food" [by Eyebodega]
video : "Honeycomb" [by Huckleberry Friend]
video : "Uncrazy" [by Cristina Plaza]
video : "Vacuum" [by Jennifer Juniper Stratford]

OSR#24         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 250)

Chris Weisman Monet In The 90's 12" LP

you light a match so you see yourself in hell // this is the place where the trees are thick and smell
so you go there lumberjack // and you go there with your quack hat // and you fill your baskets with the air

part of an incredible run of 12+ platinum records NH-born Brattleboroite guitar teacher Chris Weisman recorded to his blue Tascam 4-track from 2008 to 2012 , Monet In The 90s is maybe the most concise proof of his Lennon-McCartney / Bacharach-David / NH-VT quality internal songwriting team [see below on this page for evidence of his impact : OSR is concurrently releasing a compilation of 50+ musicians from all over the world covering Chris's songs] . I feel a little guilty making statements about art so good it can only buck them . Chris is the kind of musician who generates new theoretical paradigms on the regular , experimenting extensively with the implementation of fully novel concepts , and then leaves all that behind when it's time to make a song . rewardingly , this level of experience creeps into the recordings , but palpably as an intuitive impulse rather than as a pedantic , self-conscious affectation . it's only a matter of time before the spin-cycle that is the contemporary music market politics turns its rotating eye from the reissue of "lost genius works" from past decades to the activities of today's spiritual masters of music . why wait until then to hear Chris's songs ? I know music isn't supposed to be fair , but if 100,000 people aren't spinning Monet by 2020 , hindsight is an outrage ...

31 minutes , art by Sarah Smith
mastered for vinyl by KRAMER at Noise Miami

digital audio at bandcamp
video : "Working On My Skateboarding" [by Abby Banks]

OSR#23         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 150)

Jimmie Packard A Time To Look Back cassette

experienced luthier , operator of Jimmie Packard's Instrument Repairs in his hometown
of Wilder , Vermont , daily music instructor , radio DJ (WNBX Springfield) & more ,
bandleader (Jimmie Packard & the Atom Bombs , Jimmie Packard's Orchestra) , ridiculously
prolific home recordist , & father , Jimmie Packard was born on St. Patrick's Day 1919 and
passed away July 23 , 2003 . what we have here is a "reissue" of one cassette of a series
locally circulated by Mr. Packard in the 1970s and '80s at his many (according to his son ,
Jimmie Sr. played "over 6000 weddings" , including 5 for the same man) many regional shows . A Time To Look Back is a collection of standards , multitracked on homemade guitars
with the kind of improvisational freedom accessible to seasoned lifer musicians . hopefully
this cassette marks the end of a dearth of available recordings by Mr. Packard .
my infinite thanks to Jon Appleton , who gave me this cassette as we liquidated
his tape collection , and to Jim Packard Jr. , who graciously authorized the public
release of this absolutely incredible music . the secret history of Vermont lives on !
60 minutes , original design by Jimmie Packard , formatting by Christina Schneider
digital audio at bandcamp

OSR#22         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 150)

Palberta Shitheads In The Ditch cassette

they've done it again ! since My Pal Berta (OSR#12) , experts of self-likeness Ani I.-B. ,
Lily K. & Nina R. + engineer Paco C. [Big Neck Police , The Cradle] have been working
hard & it shows ! strengthened by extensive practice & contact w/ external social & musical
forces (read : touring) the Palbertans' friendly muscular ambiguity (always funky , always
loose ; always funny , always serious ; always cooperative , always individualistic) kills
as usual . Lily : "my influences are Nina and Ani" . hell yes ! this band rules , you won't
-- you can't -- expect them .
21 minutes , art by Palberta & Stefan Yf with design help from Christina Schneider

OSR#21         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 150)

The Dream Scene New Emotion b/w Behind The Scenes cassingle

as a terrestrial human being Javier Morales (the Dream Scene , ex-Bubbly Mommy Gun , ex-Quiet Hooves soothsayer) is such a nest of humble poise apparently unconcerned even to the extent of this reporter with the kind of trivial matters that dog experienced & effective musicians that I hesitate to even venture a description of his work . non-curatorial digital crate digger / enthusiast , videosmith , arranger & producer (potent on cassette multitrack but also living proof that GarageBand , iPad , a mic & a MIDI keyboard are more than enough) ... Javier is a definite part of a network of fastidious too-busy-to-chase-fame literal masters seemingly epicentered in Athens , GA [if you want to familiarize yourself with the crop , start with the Party Party Partners crew & Wild Of Night & Crunchy] maybe more of us should attempt to convince Mr. Morales to release his copious (& I mean copious) acoustic jewelry for public adornment , or maybe we should just leave him to his own devices , he seems really happy ...

10 minutes , art by Javier Morales
digital audio at bandcamp
hear more music by the Dream Scene at soundcloud

OSR#20         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 150)

Ed Askew Rainbow Bridge cassette

he walked ten miles , he walked twenty miles // looking for the face of love // but what does this face look like
in a mirror ? // is it your face , is it his face ? // somebody said : the face of love is a stream in the dust

Ed says : "this album was recorded and mixed on cassette tape from May 98 through Feb 99.
it was mostly played on a Yamaha 360 electronic piano, using the keyboards drum machine
and other sounds besides the "piano". the title came from a film i once saw about Jimi
Hendrix." I say : I met Ed & his music during bad , questioning times in early '14 .
immediately on hearing/seeing his voice & attendant hand motions my increasingly anemic
hope for musical community was fully resuscitated & absolved of shame for its nudity .
Ed's been making his beautiful music -- emphasis on his -- for a while now (paintings ,
too) & this perserverence , to my mind , equals valor . Rainbow Bridge is an awesome
slice of late-'90s multitrack Askew à la Little Houses . Ed is the only person I know
who sings like a poet & writes like a singer . I just don't know what else to say about
this gorgeous album of humble truth & certain melody . except : thanks Ed , keep it up !
52 minutes , art by Ed Askew

OSR#19         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 150)

Moth Eggs Recursive Surfing cassette

some people come to be known as "naturals" because music seems to spontaneously
create itself in parallel to any of their kinetic activities , but these special
cases don't necessarily enjoy any cleaner or easier a relationship to their work .
all this to say : it's lucky Francis Carr likes music as much as it likes him ! this
tape collects material recorded in Brattleboro VT during the final years of the Happy
Jawbone Family Band [the other 1/2 of whose songwriting team now ploughs the field w/
The Lentils] & after F.'s subsequent withdrawal to Connecticut . so Recursive Surfing's
a real grab bag : imagine the most slobber-inducing home-recording / power-pop
compilations or whatever & you've got a pretty good picture . 'cause Franky isn't
just a multi-idiomatic hit songwriter (reclusive , inverted , cassette-memory Newell
/ Pink style on "Death On Willie Mays Avenue" , Gizmos / Lovers punk on "Generic
Love" , "Coffee Shop" , Pooh Sticks / Crime Time on "Twist Of The Knife" , blah
blah etc.) ; he's also a top-caliber hardly-repeats-himself-and-never-wants-to
ADAT , cassette & laptop recordist who gets (interesting) results . I don't
wanna insert this copacetic , pure-servant-of-rock's-best-qualities into my own
personal polemic so I won't even mention how much better this shit is than what
gets the imprimatur of the contemporary garage rock empire (of course secretly
under sway of the same blanded-out '90s "college rock" dynasty the rest of us
have been strenuously avoiding even thinking about since its inception) .
but there , I said it ! my friend made stuff as shockingly good as Hybrid
, as Amos & Sara , & I'm proud to share it w/ you (in 2014 , no
less , when music like this is , to my mind , hard to make !
46 minutes , art by Jo Miller-Gamble & Trebor Broadbentium

OSR#18         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 200)

[ compilation ]     Music On A Tape : Songs by Chris Weisman cassette

that's how I see myself // burning a hole on your shelf // I'm the music on a tape // you don't pay nothing
for me but I keep you awake // all of your life is not great // and neither is the music on a tape

the CW of 2014 might prefer to be music in the room but the rest of us are still listening to his tapes and blowing our minds . over 50 people threw down for this compilation ; the amount of work is a testament to the originality & thrust of Chris's songwriting & his general musical presence . in fact , non-famous music is doing very well these days -- we don't even need funding from your well-regarded institution -- and it's thankful that the tiny doses of recognition some of us practitioners have received from the official vanguard and the generalized hype consortium have acted as a kind of common vaccine inoculating us against more significant impositions to our personal procedures of art veridiction . this tape might as well be a Grammy , tho it was borne on no ceremonial airs : just the accidental house-show shoulders of a gratefully disorganized , often silent , periodically effective community

tape : 110 minutes , 11"/17" foldout art by Chris Weisman
digital : 180 minutes : bandcamp

OSR#17         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 150)

Ian Kovac Jr Jr You'll Know It When You Feel It cassette

I was bored of the scene // when I was only seventeen // do you know what I mean ?
it's like a classroom from inside a dream
    ["Better Without It"]
like the other members of his recently-former group Guerilla Toss (he served his tenure on the flamin' Sixtrak , x-tendo technique galore) , Ian marinated his (in his case , double bass) chops in that slurry of woodshed rigor & (aesthetic) student resistance they enculture over at the New England Conservatory in fair Boston-town (Ian himself studied jazz at the U of Vermont but has been swimming in the NEC alumni network) . of course this tape is a far cry from the Toss , the Conservatory or anything else , so please excuse me for the violence of venturing a contextualization for this original 4-track music . some songs could be described as New Wave w/ gestural melody ("Camera") , some are in possession of the brand of harmonic thickness & melodic travel my mind associates with C. Weisman ("Just A Rock" , "Flypaper") , & some are just plain out there . Ian is a magnanimous & focused musician & this tape is no doubt the tip of an iceberg OSR can only hope will sink the USS Art Culture once and for all , in one fell swoop even acclimating its spiritually emaciated inhabitants to aquatic respiration and reverence for the mystical , sonorous behemoths that encircle all those ready to "go deep" into their art in a contemporary nautical ballet I like to call "real freedom"

31 minutes , art by Ian Kovac Jr Jr & Christina Schneider
soundcloud : "Camera"
OSR#16         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 100)

Kateboard That's Not A Helicopter cassette

Katie McShane & Jesse Heasly , Boston MA . what a strange tape ! I lack words (except
"unmistakeable" , "alien methodology" , "great" , "the true recording air") . Katie :
" The first recording we did was Oh Bury Me Not, and it was our first time playing together
like that. Jesse accidentally cut off a part  of his thumb on New Years Eve, so he was really
tired and we were spending a lot of time sitting down.  Right after recording the song into a
handheld tape machine, we recorded a bunch of chords.  Later that night, Jesse put the tape onto
the computer and collaged the chords onto our song.  This is an exact description of what happened.
We decided to call it Kateboard and make this process our model - to only do one take and to be pretty
free and quick with decision making; To simply record it all into our handheld tape player, and to add
a layer or joke after the fact if we wanted to. We could maybe capture a certain sort of excitement or
freshness this way. We saw a short video documentary about Keith Haring.  He said that he didn't pre-
plan too much or overthink because then his art could be as consistent as he was. We both like that
idea a lot. The mistakes are important to us, they let the music have roughness and warmth. That's
Not a Helicopter started as a way for us to pass the time in the winter. We're struggling a little
bit to write about it because it felt like a very natural way for us to relate to eachother... We
don't think it addresses goals that we have as much as it is just a consequence of our spending
time together. In his memoir Palm Sunday, Kurt Vonnegut complains about his contemporaries saying
that many of them "cannot be funny even when it is time to be funny." This is a feeling that we
can relate to about some of our own contemporaries. The tape should sometimes be funny. "
37 minutes , art by Kateboard w/ partial design by Christina Schneider
digital audio at bandcamp

OSR#15         (rel. 06.'14 , ed. of 150)

Blanche Blanche Blanche Termite Music cassette

the symbols of your trade are your price
what can I say , we made a lot of music ! this long-a$$ tape compiles unreleased &
live cuts selected from a vast archive of recordings from 2009 to December '13 .
various incarnations of the band , phases , infatuations , hard & soft ideas
jetting across the subtle fabric of these years gratefully thick with music .
thanks for listening to the unusual decisions & manically polyvalent postures
of two deranged New Hampshirites ! after a brief moment of flirtation with
the institutional parameters of the status quo , it's back to the zeitgeist-null
rubble we crawled out from -- a nice place , if it can be said to exist .
110 minutes , art by Jo Miller-Gamble & Sarah Smith
hear the whole thing at bandcamp

OSR#14         (rel. 06.'14 , ed. of 100)

Heat Wilson Seersucker cassingle

before there was Big French , before there was Blanche Blanche Blanche ,
there was Heat Wilson : me & Quentin Moore's digital microsound cutups
in personae Nals Goring and Gorman ; we confounded the Dutch and touched
almost no one . this is our rock album , thankfully it germinated after
years of the mindchess known as "playing" ; thankfully it germinated in
accordance with our principles . 15 minutes , art by Heat Wilson
video : "Call Me"
video : "I'm Hungry"
hear the whole thing at bandcamp

OSR#13         (rel. 03.'14 , ed. of 150)

Memories Crash On My Heart cassingle

impresarios of Gnar Tapes , indefatigable international Oregon songwriters
& sworn enemies of sister band White Fang come to OSR to spread
their massage of tenderness and emotional flexibility . I love
these guys , they really remind me of Shoes in the best way .
their songs always take up a slice of reality with instinctive
playfulness & optimism & grace , & the music is just beautifully
content w/ its unembellished formal simplicity . they've already
made a ton of music but Rikky & his trikksters are always just
starting , so freshly do they tread . 9 minutes , art by Sarah Smith
hear "We Can Call It Whatever" at Soundcloud
available at bandcamp
OSR#12         (rel. 03.'14 , ed. of 150)

Palberta My Pal Berta cassette

this is Ani , Lily & Nina's first record as Palberta ,
an absolutely incredible , dynamic rock band from upstate NY ,
impeccably recorded by Paco Cathcart [Big Neck Police]
on a cassette 4 track with xtra clarity & vivid style .
if you see the band live you'll notice they switch off
on guitar , bass & drums , this is totally original music
and I won't consign even a bit of it to description ,
it's too good for that , so you're on your own !
23 minutes , art by the band
hear "When I Come" at Soundcloud
or stream the whole thing at bandcamp
OSR#11         (rel. 08.'13 , ed. of 150)

Garbus / Bissette cassingle

Ruth Garbus & Danny Bissette , yolk heroes of Brattleboro , VT
with some new and beautiful songs .
check out Ruth's releases on Burger , Autumn Records and Feeding Tube .
A: (Ruth) And You Be (Soundcloud) / I Won't Quit ;
B: (Danny) Dear Man / Change Yer Mind / Flower Pot
/ Eat w/ the Wolves . 20 minutes , art by Garbus/Bissette
OSR#10         (rel. 08.'13 , ed. of 150)

White / Blanche cassingle

Hartley C. White & Blanche Blanche Blanche collaboration ,
rec. by George Dugan (MetroSonic Studios)
A: The Never, Never Girl (Soundcloud) (White/Smith/Phillips) ;
B: An Argument (Phillips/Smith/White)
bass on "An Argument" : Chris Weisman . 5 minutes
video: Hartley's Let's Play Politics
an interview with Hartley
buy Hartley's self-released albums of Whopazootic music here & here & here
available at bandcamp also see the hartley c. white information resource center center
OSR#9         (rel. 08.'13 , ed. of 150)

Big French cassingle

on the occasion of the release of the inaugural
Big French LP "Downtown Runnin"
(out July '13 on OSR comrades Wharf Cat Records) comes this cassingle .
BF = Quentin Moore , Colin White , Adam Steck , Jo M-G (Great Valley) ,
& me , your host zp
A: Would Not Try (album) / Payback (demo) (Soundcloud) ;
B: Atlanta (album) / How Many Times (demo) .
art by RAFTAR . 10 minutes
Payback (album version) (video by OSR)
OSR#8         (rel. 4.'13 , ed. of 150)

Gordon Wallace Send Away cassette

Send Away: Gordon Wallace is Robert Scott
(the Clean, the Bats, Electric Blood, etc.)
he originally released this album on his tape label EST in 1987
23 songs in a soft style , an early version of "Mastery" by the Bats
what can I say , I really like it. "how many hunters can really shoot?"
artwork by Robert Scott . 60 minutes .
OSR#7         (rel. 2.'13 , ed. of 150)

Zach Phillips I Can't Predict My Past Actions cassette

I.C.P.M.P.A.: A side: a nonrepetitive 24 minute song
w/ lyrics , Blue Gene Tyranny quotes etc.
B side: an arrangement of Johnny Ray's "Cry"
& a processed instrumental version of the A side .
lyrics were fed through an alphabet pitch system,
each letter notated in the order sung,
resultant melody was harmonized on paper & recorded rubato
~~ (cassette cover is the title notated using the system) ~~ 48 minutes
OSR#3         (rel. 06.'12, re-rel. 08.'13 , eds. of 150)

Blanche Blanche Blanche Open Session Rock cassette

Open Session Rock: BBB album #6 . 24 songs from Washington Street ,
Brattleboro in 42 minutes .
the only one recorded to Tascam 488 w/ shy fader
methodology & excessive parametric EQ sweeps
our favorite triple Blanche album . guitar by Sarah Smith
Shadows (audio)
Ryan and Lisa (audio)
The Ice Cream Skating Rink (audio)
OSR#0         (rel. 2.'13)

The Marshfield Set The Marshfield Set YouTube
stream it

The Marshfield Set: who are they ? who were they ? Adam , Ed &
Tracy were 3 residents of Marshfield , a well-to-do town somewhere in
New England , decided to try their hands at a little music . meeting
weekly and rotating the role of writer/director , they decided to
publish their progress straight to YouTube . OSR presents the Set

OSR#0         (rel. 11.'12)

Chris Weisman Maya Properties digital
download mp3 zip

Maya Properties: Chris's new (circa '12) 88-song
YouTube album . "its ideal form
is a piano painted by Kyle Thomas where each key plays a song instead
of a note . American composers in paradise write more music"
video: "Double Life"
OSR#6         (rel. 2.'13 , ed. of 150)

Better Psychics What Is Rule cassette

What Is Rule: BP#2. Chris Weisman & Zach Phillips. 16 songs recorded
in the new new style .
liver than live mixing , "I'm OK with the blind overdub"
32 minutes , no cover , imprinted tape in a case w/ a color sticker
the first BP album started out as my production of Chris Weisman's songs
and this second album started out as his production of mine
many novel tactics used and forgotten , like the jokes of any day
as NME has it: "not merely uncanonical , Wei-Phi manage to stuff
the whole history of pop music writ large into the can(n)on of
forgotten lo-fi method-apology , swiftly attempting almost nothing
but largely avoiding the phallocentrism of nearly everything else"
video: "You Don't Have To Disappear"
video: "Better Psychic Victim"
available at bandcamp
OSR#5         (rel. 12.'12 , ed. of 150)

Better Psychics Better Psychics cassette

Better Psychics: Chris Weisman & Zach Phillips .
a statement from Chris on the album
20 songs w/ live mixing , 42 minutes
video: "Loose", cover by Ruth Garbus & Kyle Thomas
available at bandcamp
OSR#4         (rel. 10.'12 , ed. of 150)

The Howling Hex Navajo Rag cassette

Navajo Rag: long form psychedelic mixing by Neil Hagerty
and the Howling Hex ,
with mixing by Harpoon Forever & artwork by RAFTAR . 44 minutes
available at bandcamp
OSR#2         (rel. 4.'12 , ed. of 150)

Chris Weisman Beatleboro cassette
Beatleboro: 24 songs from Elliot Street in 60 minutes.
cover by Sam Phillips .
available at bandcamp
OSR#1         (rel. 01.'12 , ed. of 150)

Blanche Blanche Blanche 2wice 2wins
b/w Bruce Hart Songs For Music cassette
2wice 2wins: BBB#4. 11 songs from Elliot Street,
bass by Danny Bissette
video: Alots B4
available at bandcamp