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unlike OSR , close "affiliate" CE Schneider Topical remains online :
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[     interested in booking Hartley C. White Project / CE Schneider Topical in the northeast circa September 15-22 2015 ?
we'll be performing at Pop Montreal on September 18th & 19th . contact : zphillips at gmail dot com
"One would like to press forward, but before going farther one sees from the example of others like oneself
that this way is blocked. In such a case, if the effort to push forward is not in harmony with the time, a
reasonable and resolute man must not expose himself to a personal rebuff, but will retreat with others of
like mind. This brings good fortune, because he does not needlessly jeopardize himself."
-- I Ching (trans. Wilhem & Baynes, 1950) Hexagram 9 , "The Taming Power Of The Small" , with a nine in the second place
        as of January 1 , 2015 , OSR has taken its operations (alive & well !) entirely offline . *
        the quickest way to receive a free paper catalog of currently available releases is to mail a self-addressed stamped envelope to the above-given address ;
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OSR is proud to be distributed by : Aquarius [San Francisco , CA] ; Big Love [Tokyo , JP] ; Bis Auf's Messer [Berlin , GR] ; Burlington Records [Burlington , VT] ; CTD Ltd. [Chicago , IL] ; Deep Thoughts [Jamaica Plain , MA] ; Eclipse [San Jacinto , CA] ; Ex-Vinylo [Rabastens , FR] ; Feeding Tube [Easthampton , MA] ; Fresh Produce [Macon , GA] ; Funk Fuzz [Olympia , WA] ; Infinite Limits [Bristol , UK] ; Heaven Street [Brooklyn , NY] ; Insound [New York , NY] ; Light In The Attic [Seattle , WA] ; Meditations [Kyoto , JP] ; Night School [Glasgow , Scotland] ; Revolver [San Francisco , CA] ; Sonic Boom [Seattle , WA] ; Stickfigure [Atlanta , GA] ; Tape School [JP] ; Traphaus [New Bedford , MA] ; Weird Ear [Oakland , CA] ; Weirdo [Cambridge , MA] ; Wharf Cat [Brooklyn , NY] , & more !

                  for anything business-related or requiring urgent attention , for example :
                        -- re: distribution / stocking of OSR titles
                        -- any and all press requests
                        -- discussion of nonidiomatic piano / theory lessons or methodologically novel audio/video production services
                  please reach me at zphillips at gmail dot com or (603) 381-6721
                  all other communications should be addressed to the above-given PO box & will be greatly valued !
                  please do not email me your unsolicited demo , dear stranger . if you love the label so much , consider supporting it before you ask for its support
                  payment via Paypal is still acceptable on a one-to-one basis
                  the CE S.T. page and Facebook will remain updated & in use ; for all inquiries , contact Christina [c.eleni.schneider at gmail dot com]

* note :   of OSR's previous online incarnation various husks have been allowed to remain ; these should be regarded as inactive . as of 1/1/2015 , OSR has no self-directed online presence
excepting this site solely intended to provide proof of its current existence . keep your eye on the youtube , though ...