last updated March 6 2019
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shows coming up:
Mar 11 '19 "Salem" live performance at the Drawing Center, NY NY, w/ ESP TV (Victoria Keddie & Scott Kiernan), Blue Jazz TV, 630PM, free [FB link]
Apr 15 '19 to May 22 '19 Fievel Is Glauque / ΠEuropean tour; contact zphillips at gmail dot com if you want to help w/ a booking!

      Lilith Outcome "Lilith Outcome" 7" EP     [LINK TO BUY]:
      [Feeding Tube Records 2019;     cover by Leon Sandstone;     recorded live to Marantz mono cassette
      Lilith Outcome = Zach Phillips, Derek Baron, Marlon Cherry, Billy McShane, Ryan Power, Annakalmia Traver]

      Zach Phillips "Not Still Before" compilation cassette     [LINK TO BUY]:
      [Santé Loisirs 2019;     cover by Sarah Smith;     recorded 2009-2018]

      Zach Phillips "How to Slip Away" LP     [LINK TO BUY]:
      [Feeding Tube Records 2018;     painting by Alexis Graman;
      feat. Chris Cohen,   Ryan Power,   Kal Traver (Kalbells, Rubblebucket),
      Marlon Cherry (Mecca Bodega, the Roches),   Sarah Smith (Blanche Blanche Blanche),
      Sean Schuster-Craig (Jib Kidder),   Jazz Adam (Old Maybe),   Ani Ivry-Block (Palberta) etc.]

recent public mixes:
"Quando el Arte Ataque" [feat. a demo by Fievel is Glauque]
"Creative Marketing in Eight Dimensions"