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Ian Kovac Jr Jr , James T. Psychopath , Jimmie Packard , Kateboard , Larry Wish , Maher Shalal
Hash Baz
, Martyr Group , the Memories , Moth Eggs , Nam Buddies , Palberta , Peter Kirsch ,
Robert Scott , Samuel Boat , Ruth Garbus , and Terre Roche

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OSR 2016 : this is the final year of the label .
there will be one more large batch of releases in September/October :
vinyl from Hartley C. White , Black Bananas , & Ruth Garbus
tapes , CDs & books from many more wild souls
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upcoming shows : Saturday August 27th, Jepeto Solutions (f.k.a. CE Schneider Topical) at the Glove (Brooklyn NY) with Grape Room, Banny Grove and Ryan Power
Sunday September 4th, Jepeto Solutions (f.k.a. CE Schneider Topical) at Alphaville (Brooklyn NY) with Listening Woman and Skyn Twynz
Thursday September 8th, Jepeto Solutions (f.k.a. CE Schneider Topical) at Trans Pecos (Brooklyn NY) with Iji and Mega Bog

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OSR Spring '16 Mix : 'Pillars of Creation'
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2016 in-print releases (click to jump to yr selection)     [~12+ more coming in july/august !] :

osr60 maher shalal hash baz "hello newyork" vinyl lp / cd
osr48 ce schneider topical "antifree" vinyl lp / cd
osr55 moth eggs "adventures away" cd
osr50 terre roche "imprint" cassette
osr49 jimmie packard "singing your requests" cassette
osr47 hellier ulysses "prime example" cassette
osr45 death savings flag "liquid pentacles" cd
osr44 peter kirsch "free music zone" cd
osr43 daga voladora "chiu-chium" cassette
osr42 larry wish "soundtruck musuc" cd
osr41 james t. psychopath "death by water" cd
osr40 martyr group "tone stencil pirates" cd
osr39 chris weisman "hi" cd
osr38 nam buddies "dope flashback" cd
osr37 asher horton "mystery bones" cassette
osr36 samuel boat "flowers 12 stems 3 sunflowers" cd
osrxx ce schneider topical / osr tapes shirts
osr35 nals goring "ashley's jacket" book
osr34 blanche blanche blanche "wink with both eyes" cd
osr33 jps "osr#33" cassette
osr32 chris weisman "living with poison" cd
osr31 andrea schiavelli "souls on fire" cassette
osr30 al marantz "forgotten device" cassette
osr29 martyr group "martyr group" cd
osr28 ce schneider topical "look who showed up out here" cassette
osr26 hartley c. white "this is not what you expect" vinyl lp
osr25 blanche blanche blanche "hints to pilgrims" vinyl lp
osr21 the dream scene "new emotion" cassingle
osr18 music on a tape : songs by chris weisman cassette compilation
osr17 ian kovac jr jr "you'll know it when you feel it" cassette

 V       I       N       Y       L

OSR#60         (rel. 5.'16, ed. of 500)

Maher Shalal Hash Baz Hello NewYork LP / CD

I gradually desired recognition from you // and that's all , all I would get

"In New York, we played John Cage first, then played 'Sweet Jane' on flamenco. At the beginning of 'Sweet Jane,' I tried to say 'Hello New York.' I didn't know whether my voice carried well. I said 'Hello New York' again. That was enough for me about New York. One of my dreams has come true." -- Tori Kudo

Tori Kudo and Reiko Kudo began Maher Shalal Hash Baz in the mid-'80s & it has grown since into a multi-continental concern with a changing cast of true members of varying background & experience . as usual , any brief synopsis would be defective & by way of introduction you would be best advised to listen to the many extant recordings on youtube & read the many & comprehensive interviews published over the years . their first full-length record since 2009's 'C'est La Dernière Chanson' , 'Hello NewYork' was recorded in September 2014 when nearly a dozen members of Maher coalesced in New York for the occasion of a 30th anniversary gig . we holed up here at the sweltering Manual FX basement and worked for the majority of their stay on my deficient rig , joined intermittently by a gaggle of superfans like myself who couldn't pass up the opportunity to throw down a few notes on a Maher record (it's unfashionable to wax autobiographical in this context but I will say that Maher was one principal light that brought me into music as a younger youngster & gave me the hope necessary to start this sort of enterprise in a dim world of hollow culture)

Maher is often represented incorrectly by the Western press , who have typically lampooned its lack of traditional musical dramaturgy as a kind of "naivist" aestheticism & its emphasis on miracular playing as a sign of its instrumentalists' deficiency , and refused to see the communal nature of the group & the nonlinear relationship between Tori's composition & the group's playing . in fact , what is really unusual about Maher isn't any one specific quality or principle , but the extreme reverence appreciable in the music for what is beyond words and available only in experience , and a concomittant indeterminacy on all levels , always busy in the middle : composition v. improvisation , the page v. the ear , the group v. the writer , style v. content , the beyond v. the worldly , etc... Tori is drawn to spiritual themes , with many lyrics adapted from Bible verse , not as an aesthetic conceit but as one tool for working through this life . actually , the band's Western aestheticization is ironic given the direct critical treatment Tori's lyrics give to that sort of process (see "Epignosis" with its "the '60s carries weight with you // you like it better than your wife , son , brothers & sisters") ... but enough of that sort of talk . we all did our best on this revelatory rock record & I will always remember it !

hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
art concept by Tori Kudo // photography/design by Christina Schneider
recorded live in September 2014 at Manual FX , Brooklyn on Tascam 388 reel-to-reel
mastered for vinyl by Kramer at Noise Miami
sequenced by Heat Wilson

Corneli : some guitar , percussion
Arrington de Dionyso : bass clarinet , singing
Mako Hasegawa : bassoon , singing
Kenji Kubota : main guitar
Tori Kudo : main guitar , singing , some e. piano
Jeremy Latch : some clarinet
Sam Lisabeth : some guitar
Momoko Maejima : melodica
Quentin Moore : guitar , conclusion guitar
Shun Naomi : bass
Naoki Otani : trumpet
Chie Ozeki : recorder , trombone , singing
Zach Phillips : engineering , mixing , e. piano , d. malakon clavichord
Aiko Sakamoto : main percussion
Christina Schneider : some guitar , singing
Julie Stevens : some guitar
Tsukasa Takahashi : main percussion
Teruki Tamayanagi : xylophone
Colin White : some guitar

VINYL VERSION : 24 songs in 53 minutes ;
CD VERSION : 34 songs in 78 minutes
OSR#48         (rel. 5.'16, ed. of 500)

CE Schneider Topical Antifree LP / CD

unchained from a way of remaining unchanged // to maintain a delicate station

the 2nd CE Schneider Topical album , "Antifree" took a year & a half to write & record , its mottled palette psychologically hewn over a period spanning multiple tours (with Hartley C. White , Jib Kidder & Samuel Boat) . a beam of light scattered thru the prism of youthful ambition and straight back thru peaceful resignation and rest , refracting helter skelter into every corner of our little basement studio : fully considered but at every point unexamined , this is our collection of the living song relics that seemed to rise to the level of archetype over the past couple years , & it also stands as a clear representation of an obvious renaissance in Christina's songwriting & guitar-playing , this new clarion arrow she's able to shoot . where Look Who Showed Up Out Here was arcane , private , equivocal , prickly & withdrawn , Antifree is public , open , surefooted & ready to be held in whatever mouth will have it , confident in its ability to survive the best & worst chews . the most successful document of carefully preserved microspecificities enshrined by the intuition of a listening ear that I have been a part of in a long while , it's thick with the elusive art of multitracking : not that clever craft of "production" so beloved by intellectual materialists but a multitracking that is instrumental and personal in nature , a pan-dimensionalization of ear . if I can sing its praises it's because I am no longer certain exactly what part I played in its gestalt creation , & I wouldn't have it any other way ~

video : "Female in Images" (C. Schneider)
review : Impose Magazine
hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
recorded 2015 at Manual FX , Brooklyn NY on Tascam 388 -- no computers or synthesizers used
art by Matthew Thurber
sequenced by Quentin
feat. the Lentils & Billy McShane on select moments

OSR#26         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 500)

Hartley C. White This Is Not What You Expect 12" LP

you won't find us on your TV // you won't find us on that screen // you won't hear us on your radio and you know what I mean
'cause we're under the radar // we ain't no superstars // we're under the radar a whole lot different by far
we're under the radar // let me repeat that bar // we're under the radar // and we are who we are

Hartley C. White grew up in Central Kingston , Jamaica . for the past 30 years he's been living in Corona , Queens . a student of martial arts since 1966 , Hartley is the progenitor of a style he calls Who-pa-zoo-tic Music , "a non-classical music" based on the "broken rhythm" of Bruce Lee's jeet kune do . Hartley : "'Who' indicates its lack of restrictions, ability to change, while still being an unknown. 'Zoo' indicates it deals with life in its various forms and conditions." This Is Not What You Expect (& it really isn't) is a vinyl compilation of material from Hartley's first four albums (all self-released and currently available on CD) , recorded 1984-2009 . Hartley notates his arrangements for a variety of instruments ; selections on this compilation include live-in-the-studio cuts but these are predominantly overdub recordings collaboratively sculpted by Hartley and engineers Jeff Lin , George Dugan & Josh Silver [Type O Negative] . guest musicians include Larry McDonald [Bob Marley , Lee "Scratch" Perry , Gil Scott-Heron , Taj Mahal , etc.] , saxophonist Tom Smith , vocalist Angie Rodriguez , and the amazing guitarist Vinny Giannettino . Hartley's music is holistic , addressed to you and me . under consideration is the entire contemporary and past landscape of time and being , from the shape of a joke to the cry of the disenfranchised to the observation of flowing water . this compilation speaks to White's undying commitment to the intuitive and instructive power of music and to the meaningful partnerships Hartley has forged with a series of creative engineers and collaborators , who have helped him realize entirely new kinds of music with finesse . Hartley is one of the most compassionate , disciplined , & original musicians I have ever met , & I'm extremely proud to share his work with you !

41 minutes , art by Hartley C. White , front design by Christina Schneider , w/ lyrics insert
mastered for vinyl by KRAMER at Noise Miami
hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
read a 2011 interview I did with Hartley

video : "Let's Play Politics" [by HCW]
video : "Bicycle Lady" [by Zach Phillips]
press : The Needle Drop // Wondering Sound
also see the Hartley C. White Information Resource Center

OSR#25         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 250)

Blanche Blanche Blanche #9   Hints To Pilgrims 12" LP

on the surface of the mirrored time // that would move us to exhaustion // the magicians are believable
pour is in the lemonade // and they float us and we sort of swim // come before us to retrieve us
for to see the body age // and to see it see destruction // is the aim of our religion

the ninth BBB album , Hints To Pilgrims was the product of a fraught time . post-Breaking Mirrors , amidst NY exodus acclimation , phantom knocks of "opportunity" , & generous social shifts , I concocted a blindingly elaborate methodology to serve as the basis for a planned double album , in which a teetering tower of collaborators were invited to participate . thankfully , these recordings , intended as "demos" , survived the failure of my methodological artifice , & once-&-for-all toppled my inherited , headstrong ambition to create "great works" . as I wrote to Chrissy W. on New Year's Eve 2013 : these songs are the product of sustained personal and collective emotional insight fostered by the songwriting process ... they are true poems about our lives , not offered up for the "benefit" (like a punishing schoolmaster who wants to beat "what's good for the culture" into it) of some imaginary collectivity , but just from me , from us , as I think when I'm thinking well , as I think when I'm with Sarah , as we play , as we do our imagination dance we have always loved to do since we met as the same outcasts we are today ... I can't help anybody to see anything in these songs , and I'm finally realizing that's for the best ! why revisit these songs , why complicate them ? Robert Desnos : it may be that great poetry is necessarily for right now . " sung singing , sung words , piano , bass . appearances by Nachman of Bratslav , Graham Brooks , Adam Steck , Kurt Weisman , & Colin White .

36 minutes , cover/back painting by Alexis Graman , comes w/ lyrics insert
mastered for vinyl by KRAMER at Noise Miami
hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp

video : "New Food" [by Eyebodega]
video : "Honeycomb" [by Huckleberry Friend]
video : "Uncrazy" [by Cristina Plaza]
video : "Vacuum" [by Jennifer Juniper Stratford]
press : Tiny Mix Tapes // Ad Hoc

T       A       P       E       s
      &       C     D     s
      &       B     O     O     K     s
      &       S     H     I     R     T     s
OSR#55         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Moth Eggs Adventures Away CD

when I die lord bury me deep // lay two speakers at my feet and
place your headphones on my head // pleased to rock 'n roll me until I'm dead

Francis' 2nd album is a whole different deal from 2014's "Recursive Surfing" -- where the last was a fragmented funhouse image of all the different people F. is & has been & can be , replete with every bit of the invincible panache , the ego damage & the soul thrills that characterize this citizen of dreams , the newie is more consistent in its fresh outlook : resigned to the whole spectrum of experience , admitting no censorship , & invested with an existential calm . I guess it would be easy to take an idiomatic slant and hear this factually "chill" & peppy record as some kind of modernist "power pop" flower tower but to treat "Adventures Away" as a confection would belie the guiding spiritual imperative that repeatedly rises up , impossible to ingore , like an obelisk at the center of every listen . we all need to take an adventure away from the exigencies & anxieties of daily life & consider what really matters ... in fact maybe time is nothing but a peristalsis of this & the opposing process -- & we all know how well music splits and recovers the difference between the two . anyway , take a listen & hear how this puddle jumper swims to the other side of a big one , & 13 times to boot ... [this record also features the only extant Martyr Group cover , proving a deep thematic affinity never discussed but often felt .] this wonderful album really inaugurates F.'s status as a visionary home-recording "album artist" of his own tunes outside any band or collection-of-recordings framework , so give him a high five when you see him and maybe he'll have another for you next year !

hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
13 tracks in 45 minutes
recorded approximately 2/15-2/16
cover art by F.'s brother Dennis Carr
calligraphy by Thomas Peters Johnson
& mastering by Eric Brady

OSR#50         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Terre Roche Imprint cassette

it's not easy for me to introduce Terre Roche , whose recorded music over the past 4 decades has completely structured my own relationship with songwriting , but I'll try : a consummate guitar player & songwriter (practicing "without hope of fruition") , you might know her from the Roches , from her collaboration with Robert Fripp on his album "Exposure" , or more recently from Afro-Jersey , her group with Sidiki Conde & Marlon Cherry . "Imprint" is her second solo album , following 1998's excellent "The Sound of a Tree Falling" . it was produced by Jay Anderson , who accompanies Terre on standup bass throughout . following a show at the Slipper Room in Manhattan where OSR art directrix Christina backed Terre and Jay on vox , damyin & percussion , Terre graciously agreed to allow us to press a short cassette run , and here it is . I'll let the music -- funny , wise , precise , strange , & compassionate , like Terre herself -- speak for itself !

31 songs in 51 minutes
art design & photography by Christina Schneider
hear samples / grab the digital at iTunes
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'
read some of Terre's recent writing at the New York Times
get her excellent book "Blabbermouth" here
& see Terre's website for information on lessons in the NYC area & to get "Imprint" on CD

OSR#49         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Jimmie Packard Singing Your Requests cassette

[click for detail]

allow me to here reproduce the still-apt bio provided for Jimmie Packard's prior OSR release , "A Time To Look Back" : experienced luthier , operator of Jimmie Packard's Instrument Repairs in his hometown of Wilder , Vermont , daily music instructor , radio DJ (WNBX Springfield) & more , bandleader (Jimmie Packard & the Atom Bombs , Jimmie Packard's Orchestra) , ridiculously prolific home recordist , & father , Jimmie Packard was born on St. Patrick's Day 1919 and passed away July 23 , 2003 . what we have here is OSR's second "reissue" of a cassette of a series locally circulated by Mr. Packard in the 1970s and '80s at his many (according to his son , Jimmie Sr. played "over 6000 weddings" , including 5 for the same man) many regional shows . "Singing Your Requests" is a collection of country standards , multitracked on homemade guitars with the kind of improvisational freedom accessible to seasoned lifer musicians . hopefully this second OSR reissue marks the end of a dearth of available recordings by Mr. Packard -- believe me , there is plenty more . my infinite thanks to Jon Appleton , who gave me this cassette as we liquidated his tape collection , and to Jim Packard Jr. , who kindly authorized the public release of this absolutely incredible music . the secret history of Vermont lives on !

18 songs in 60 minutes , original design by Jimmie Packard , with formatting by Christina
hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'

OSR#47         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Hellier Ulysses Prime Example cassette

Hellier Ulysses is a young dissident cell operating out of Atlanta . my own impression is that HU use their preternatural musicianship to advance a superficially inscrutable (i.e. 'poetic') robin hood theory easily legible to those outside the semantic traditions that shackle most art today , great or small . their 2nd record , "Prime Example" was recorded 90% live at OSR's own Manual FX studio megaplex , & easy did it . this is not your every day rock band soundtracking 'urban renewal' at hit parties , though people this likeable might turn up anywhere , and I do mean too that musical personality this potent could undermine the thematic of those parties , striking at whatever root's left : all this still without ever being 'war music' , still always meditative and prone , ready even for comedy . HU's asymmetrical song structures seem to encode an optimism that doesn't come easy to me -- I hope they make 10,000 albums , I promise I'll be listening & believing every note . you should also check out their members' other vital concerns , Tankorean & the Red Sea ...

7 songs in 9 minutes ; same program on both sides
hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'
see H.U. play "Genesis Is Dispersion"
hear H.U.'s first record here

OSR#45         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Death Savings Flag Liquid Pentacles CD

there's gotta be some aspect ...

Death Savings Flag : Will Berney , Jeremy Latch , & Julie Stevens , of the happening and supernatural shire of Turners Falls MA , home to a demographically disproportionate crop of talented and committed musicians . it's painfully unhip to play apples-and-oranges with art but I don't mind saying that the live DSF alley-oop their way into Truxville most readily (& Berney's ripping lead definitely doesn't hurt the reference) . I've been a listener of Jeremy in particular since the deplorable age of 16 , when he figured as the first tenable example of a "local musician" recording songs I wanted to listen to (find & bug him for the unreleased tracks , or track down a Mooneye CD in your next lucid dream !) , & it's particularly exciting to hear his free reign in this noise deejay / corrupt emcee context . Julie , meanwhile , holds down the edges with slippery accuracy not unlike John "Junior" Wood's goopy Tomorrow playing . petition your local library to resuscitate its vinyl section with a copy of a coming Feeding Tube release ... but for now , try "Liquid Pentacles" . the words come to J's mouth always in surprise , & the band won't quit ...

12 songs in 35 minutes
hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'
and don't not look into FDOME , Danny Cruz's outfit of which Mr. Latch in particular has long been a crucial part !

OSR#44         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Peter Kirsch Free Music Zone CD

"Free Music Zone" is a shockingly consistent collection of home-recorded songs by Buffalo's Peter Kirsch . Kirsch's tonal balancing act involves glorying in the simple things of experience (riding the train , the names of parkways , beat-3 locomotion , love) without making his music the shrine to an avoidant sun-only positivity (FMZ also touching more critically on the "computer ideology" , false idols and "planned childhood") : in other words , "Free Music Zone" seems more an accurate diary than a calculated art mask for Kirsch's highly developed writing and recording practice . it's clear Peter's inspired by a tradition of musicians who take up home recording not just as one aesthetically particular method of creating product but as a manner of living and documenting that living (note the Linda Smith cover) , accepting the challenges entailed by that vocation (and Peter is his own discrete planet , but it's worth noting that he has kin in this up there upstate) . but beyond the beauty of his ethic , Peter happens to be endowed with an ear that won't quit , and I love the places it takes me . thank you , Peter !

18 songs in 49 minutes
hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'
and check out more of Kirsch's cuts

OSR#43         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Daga Voladora Chiu-Chium cassette

I remain in the shadows // because the rest of the people are already in the spotlight [translation : Cristina Plaza]

"Chiu-Chium" (the name an onomatopoeia for the sound of a flying dagger [una daga voladora] swooshing by) is a collection of gorgeous songs using voice , synthesizer , drum machine , and four-track by OSR correspondent Cristina Plaza of Madrid , Spain . this release is a long time coming , as Cristina is the type of musician to take years to fix songs down in permanence . the same graceful intuitive ethic and natural style of her excellent video work is applied here to great effect , shading in her careful arrangements . I won't cheapen the originality of Cristina's approach with references or comparisons , just listen !

9 songs in 21 minutes
with mixing by Fino Oyonarte , mastering by Carlos Martos , and art design by Christina Schneider
hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'
also see Cristina's tumblr & keep up to date on new recordings ...

OSR#42         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Larry Wish Soundtruck Musuc CD

Larry Wish , perennial Minneapolis nice guy & unstoppable home-recording force (here he is most lately , feeling Jan Terri) finally lands on OSR with an album of thoughtful piano and synthesizer multitracks redolent of , say , sometimes Aksak Maboul and sometimes Picky Picnic . I get the sense that Larry really inhabits the tilt-a-world he divines in his recordings . this is relaxation on the edge ...

Larry sez : "This music was thought up/burped out in a period of great personal development, and I will always remember this chunk of time as very positive and very dear. Thank you, Megn."

12 tracks in 31 minutes
cover art : "nachtskoodle" by José Carlos Berns
hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'
& check out Larry's plentiful other albums

OSR#41         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

James T. Psychopath Death By Water CD

James T. Psychopath (Cameron Kapoor , Ben Murphy , & Jay Rudolph) is what happens when extreme composition & impossible playing meet equally novel & involved recording techniques . Ben tried to explain to me the relationship between the band's ferocious live playing and "Death By Water" and it went well over my head . I like the album most at its furthest from a rock idiom , when the "intense" human touch , instead of being used to dramatic effect , is morphed , granulated and computerized -- which is pretty much all the time . and I love that this was Played . it just so happens we are all living in New York at a time when a certain sort of heaviness , colored in by machoist bravado / hetero-"performative" nonsense , is valorized in underground , "independent" & "mainstream" music alike . this heavy music is well-suited to the party some have come to drink at , and for a certain bracket of the liberal-arts-educated creative class , the music for that context needs to be less a source of fascination , a prayer or a challenge , and more an invocation of "danger" prized for the sense of "edge" it provides to the Friday night of upward mobility . so "Death By Water" is all the more fresh : genuinely heavy & complicated for reasons of intuitive necessity ; heavily worked , with the faith that entails , presented without fanfare & without forced histrionics . check it out !

4 ten-minute tracks in 40 minutes
recorded by James Krivchenia , mixed and mastered by Ben Murphy , with art by Olivia de Salve Villedieu
hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'
& check out the group's first album here
& check out Cam Kapoor's playing in Tom Csatari Band's "Outro Waltz" (1/2 of it recorded at OSR's Manual FX) here

OSR#40         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Martyr Group Tone Stencil Pirates CD

tone stencil pirates , gloating in the sun // manning the ladder's every rung
each pope saw is in a dream , but they haven't met one // it doesn't matter : our booty is to come

back for more : 17 songs cut live to tape . same core group as MG#1 , with Christina throwing down vocal harmonies on a few tracks . the less said the better : I'm always on the run ...

17 songs in 35 minutes
art by Christina Schneider
hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'

OSR#39         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Chris Weisman Hi CD

the paradox of thrift // is that saving docks the ship
you can't travel into space // without burning off your face

what a feeling , when this perfume fell on E. Street in 2009 .
I will always remember it : the freedom manifested here remains
instructive . so don't fiddle with the lock , just let yourself in ...
blurb voice : "Hi" is an early jewel of C's back-to-song-albums boom (2008-2012)
a glimpse of the future-Chris manifested in , for example , "Chaos Isn't Single"
yet firm , it breaks apart to avail itself of every opportunity of resistance
I will always be getting you back , Makachi ...

google maps evidence of Chris at work in his Brattleboro studio , likely circa this period :

18 songs in 54 minutes
art by Christina Schneider hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'

OSR#38         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Nam Buddies Dope Flashback CD

Jeremiah Crompton is a born guitarist , writer & artist from Brattleboro VT . in 2008 Nam Buddies , his outfit with Alec McPherson (Jesus Jim) on bass and Kyle "King Tuff" Thomas on drums , cut these to the same tape machine Mr. Tuff used for his album "Was Dead" as well as Happy Birthday's sole record & some of the Feathers stuff (I think) . Nam Buddies were shockingly for real , & Jeremiah's rock character is not an affectation , though neither should it be assumed that he is unaware of his forebears (I recall an anecdote : Ron Schneiderman handing J. a burned copy of Royal Trux's "Sweet Sixteen" out of his car while J was in high school) . well , blues like this crops up where it needs to .

7 songs in 22 minutes
hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'

OSR#37         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Asher Horton Mystery Bones cassette

four chandeliers // playing on your fears // this time last year

introducing Nashville hit machine Asher Horton , appropriate subject of raving accolades (Luke Lentils : this kid just graduated from Nashville High and he's better than [comparison to Alex Chilton redacted -- ed.]) in the field of songwriting and Sneakers-reminiscent studio freedom (stop reading this right now and listen to "Shaded Eyes") . "Mystery Bones" stands effectively as a greatest-hits compilation of Asher's keeper tracks over the past couple years , with a Choir cover thrown in for good measure . keep an ear out for more , there will be ...

15 songs in 50 minutes
hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp

& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation' (named for a Horton tune !)
& check out his band Fox Fun while you're at it

OSR#36         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

Samuel Boat Flowers 12 Stems 3 Sunflowers CD

if I could travel to a different kind of brother // or the sun
you shouldn't know me

Sam Lisabeth : liquid guitar virtuoso , keysman in Guerilla Toss 3.0 , Martyr Group
& Tredici Bacci & Philip Gayle & Spooky Dangerfield accompanist , formerly of Cult & Leper , & sole proprietor of the Samuel Boat
personae ; versatile to the max . this record oscillates between tactfully arranged four-tracked songs and live cuts of the most deranged jazz-school-psychological-dropout combo this side of ... Spooky Dangerfield . speaking of the former , these are the nudest , choicest cuts Sam has circulated yet , clear as day , a massive improvement in dimensionality to Sam's already-great older songs-to-tape . more please ...

17 songs in 29 minutes
with art by Christina Schneider
hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'
& check out Sam's other albums

OSR#XX         (rel. 3.'16, ed. of 100)

OSR // CE Schneider Topical silkscreened shirts [click for detail]

silkscreen prints in different colors on plain white unused Hanes comfortsoft crew-neck "men's" (unisex tho) tees
[click for detail]
worn exclusively by celebutantes the world over

OSR#35         (rel. 4.'15, ed. of 100)

Nals Goring Ashley's Jacket book

Ashley's Jacket : a 32-page novel in citational verse about seven friends' affliction with a demoniacal jacket . winner of the 2009 Bathroom Novella Prix Fixe .

art design by Christina Schneider
you can also read it free on a PDF

OSR#34         (rel. 4.'15, ed. of 100)

Blanche Blanche Blanche Wink With Both Eyes CD

I came late then : dogging , making heat for later // beat this easier
the team is up a hill but they'll be down in a word

originally released on vinyl by Night People in 2012 , this CD has the original art by Chris Weisman & includes a bonus demo of "She's Adopted" . mastered by Pete Swanson , with a little help from Ryan Power , and guest appearances from Chris , Graham Brooks and King Tuff .

read a review : AllMusic
17 songs in 42 minutes .
hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp

OSR#33         (rel. 2.'15, ed. of 100)

JPS OSR#33 cassette

you're right on time // you can do no wrong // sing your song

American funnyman and genuine love font Joey Pizza Slice (aka Son of Salami , etc.) is a monster of a recordist, videotician , a real renaissance man up in Burlington VT . I've been hassling him for something to release since near OSR's inception and I love him like a brother . never heard him 4-tracking legible rock like this before . you gotta hear "Shut It Up" .

Joey : "how did you write and record this album ?" on a Korg cr-4 . "were you using any techniques or concepts or methodologies or equipment particular to that period of time ?" Not really , all the songs were written and recorded in haste . "any description of processes ?" I would almost always start with the drum part and build the rest of the song , layer by layer , around that . "can you tell me your state of mind circa the production of the album ?" I was majorly in love , still am . "who is the album for ?" Ashley . "how would you contextualize it w/r/t other music ?" I wouldn't .

12 songs in 23 minutes . hear samples & grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'

OSR#32         (rel. 2.'15, ed. of 100)

Chris Weisman Living With Poison CD

but we won't play // we'll take our own way
writ large in stars // this myth is now ours

2008 , Portsmouth NH . "I remember a great deal about making Living With Poison, that whole time (somehow). A lot of good narrative stage lighting (arranging and recording the last golden two back at the nightdark school after seeing The Roches at the Unitarian Church (where I myself had performed three LWP songs at a PMAC faculty concert a few days before) (I was the only audience member between like 10 and 50; I stuck out bigtime and I was crying a lot, there in the hardback pews, totally blown away, best music I ever saw), etc.) and technical specs (first album with Inverted Tuning; first album with my magic bass -- probably-60s Japanese no-name short-scale, a "Gary's Special" as Asa Irons would say -- got it at Gary's Guitars for like 189 dollars or almost maybe even only 89 dollars; that's me on alto saxophone through delay a la Synchronicity Sting; etc.). I am afraid, however, I must keep mum (-ish), puncture no real holes in the mono wall of the gooey-gone past. What they reckon must be through the glass. That's the eyes for viewing would for they [sic]. No DVD commentary, just this prick." -- Chris "Cakeandeatit" Carousel Weisman, Brattleboro 2015

art design by Christina Schneider
hear some of this album in a live video of Chris Weisman's Bolo Punch
10 songs in 40 minutes . hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'

OSR#31         (rel. 2.'15, ed. of 100)

Andrea Schiavelli Souls On Fire cassette

no love for the club scene in America // red lights on the dancefloor , you know I hate this place
telephone on a clothesline // I'm losing borrowed time

Saint Andrea , chief of ace live combo the Eyes of Love , occasional live player for Nude Beach & a past player in the excellent Punks on Mars : "I've only ever been interested in playing music as a conduit and never as an inventor. The failure and strength of "Souls on Fire" is that it relies purely on this strategy. These songs and recordings take full emotional responsibility but display a complete fear of ownership. This tape is like an orphanage and not a home. These songs are only the things I can't change and can't forget that happened between 2009(when I started writing songs) and 2014(when I first had thoughts of quitting). Demos for a band that didn't work out, songs for an album that was never finished, collaborations that fell through, the promise of domestic love, joy that was short-sighted and pain that was selfishly heroic and out of touch. This is the truth for me. This is the only story I can tell. Not the one about the industry and what it means to be an artist. But the one about life. This is a record of my childhood as a songwriter. It is only about the beauty of being wrong and nothing else. The reason I want to put this tape out is to mark the end of this era for myself. This is what I have realized when asked about it."
I have nothing to add but : listen to "Bad Expectations" and see what it does for you .

art design by Christina Schneider
17 songs in 37 minutes . hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'

OSR#30         (rel. 2.'15, ed. of 100)

Al Marantz Forgotten Device cassette

I'm fasting , but not out of protest // this meat is impossible to digest

Al's a habitual recordist & his stuff has gotten really strong over the years . chalk it up to "Adult Expenses" being paid on time . Al : "Forgotten Device was recorded in my bedroom in Cambridge, both digitally and using minimal tape samples. The idea for the record came from one piece of equipment, a Casiotone 701, an analog cheap 80's organ. 90% of what you hear on the record, other than bass and vocals, comes from the toy sounds of that organ. I was listening to alot of Arthur Russell and was inspired by his record, "Love is Overtaking Me." My goal was to put together a "clean" sounding pop record working within constraints of the Casiotone and its limited functionality. I wrote the songs fast, recording 35 songs and releasing 11. The mixing process took twice as long as tracking. (thank you John Brown for your wizardry spells) Reflecting back on the music now, I don't think I remember how to play a single one of them. In a way, it's a comforting thought. The album and lyrics are indicative of my feeling of transition, <3 confusion, and a reclaimed youthful pep in my step."

11 songs in 28 minutes . hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp
& hear a track on the free OSR spring '16 mix : 'Pillars of Creation'

OSR#29         (rel. 1.'15, ed. of 100)

Martyr Group Martyr Group CD

24 songs recorded live to 8-track 1/4" open reel with Stephe Cooper (Cloud Becomes Your Hand) , Quentin Moore (Big French) , Tom Csatari and Sam Lisabeth (Samuel Boat , Guerilla Toss) , variously on guitar/bass & me on Wurlitzer elec. piano , with guest appearances by Simon Hanes (Tredici Bacci) and Christina Schneider (CE ST , Eyes of Love) . group/album named after the covert art by Philip Taaffe . Martyr Group : "I don't believe , you don't believe" , but at least we "didn't defend the tower after the show" . but of course the "always is never bad , when you've been had" . is there anything but the "epigone entelechy" harnessed to build personal "one man tokyos" ? and "is there a word for love" ? "I've been saying since the beginning , let it end inaccurately" , and , thankfully , it did .

40 minutes . hear samples / grab the digital at bandcamp

OSR#28         (rel. 11.'14 & 4.'15 , ed.s of 200)

CE Schneider Topical Look Who Showed Up Out Here cassette
Christina's been writing songs her whole life and recording them for years -- this is her first album . at the inception of our collaboration the division of labor was clear but we began to write collaboratively & I became a bassist & now this is our first album , too . it took a year to make ; internal vogues pertaining to songwriting & to the representational politics w/r/t recording shifted , stop-motion-fast-forward of a leaf growing falling rotting etc. : time passed . what to say about these songs ? their weird bouquet reminds me of no other . fourteen poems written in new letters , completely legible if you wear your spirit glasses . of course it's hard to know what to say ...

homepage : [link]
31 minutes , art by Christina Schneider

grab the digital at bandcamp
video : Growing Back
press : Tiny Mix Tapes // Boston Hassle

OSR#21         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 150)

The Dream Scene New Emotion b/w Behind The Scenes cassingle

as a terrestrial human being Javier Morales (the Dream Scene , ex-Bubbly Mommy Gun , ex-Quiet Hooves soothsayer) is such a nest of humble poise apparently unconcerned even to the extent of this reporter with the kind of trivial matters that dog experienced & effective musicians that I hesitate to even venture a description of his work . non-curatorial digital crate digger / enthusiast , videosmith , arranger & producer (potent on cassette multitrack but also living proof that GarageBand , iPad , a mic & a MIDI keyboard are more than enough) ... Javier is a definite part of a network of fastidious too-busy-to-chase-fame literal masters seemingly epicentered in Athens , GA [if you want to familiarize yourself with the crop , start with the Party Party Partners crew & Wild Of Night & Crunchy] maybe more of us should attempt to convince Mr. Morales to release his copious (& I mean copious) acoustic jewelry for public adornment , or maybe we should just leave him to his own devices , he seems really happy ...

10 minutes , art by Javier Morales
grab the digital at bandcamp
hear more music by the Dream Scene at soundcloud

OSR#18         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 200)

[ compilation ]     Music On A Tape : Songs by Chris Weisman cassette

that's how I see myself // burning a hole on your shelf // I'm the music on a tape // you don't pay nothing
for me but I keep you awake // all of your life is not great // and neither is the music on a tape

the CW of 2014 might prefer to be music in the room but the rest of us are still listening to his tapes and blowing our minds . over 50 people threw down for this compilation ; the amount of work is a testament to the originality & thrust of Chris's songwriting & his general musical presence . in fact , non-famous music is doing very well these days -- we don't even need funding from your well-regarded institution -- and it's thankful that the tiny doses of recognition some of us practitioners have received from the official vanguard and the generalized hype consortium have acted as a kind of common vaccine inoculating us against more significant impositions to our personal procedures of art veridiction . this tape might as well be a Grammy , tho it was borne on no ceremonial airs : just the accidental house-show shoulders of a gratefully disorganized , often silent , periodically effective community .

tape : 110 minutes , 11"/17" foldout art by Chris Weisman
digital : 180 minutes : bandcamp

OSR#17         (rel. 11.'14 , ed. of 150)

Ian Kovac Jr Jr You'll Know It When You Feel It cassette

I was bored of the scene // when I was only seventeen // do you know what I mean ?
it's like a classroom from inside a dream
    ["Better Without It"]
like the other members of his recently-former group Guerilla Toss (he served his tenure on the flamin' Sixtrak , x-tendo technique galore) , Ian marinated his (in his case , double bass) chops in that slurry of woodshed rigor & (aesthetic) student resistance they enculture over at the New England Conservatory in fair Boston-town (Ian himself studied jazz at the U of Vermont but has been swimming in the NEC alumni network) . of course this tape is a far cry from the Toss , the Conservatory or anything else , so please excuse me for the violence of venturing a contextualization for this original 4-track
music . some songs could be described as New Wave w/ gestural melody ("Camera") , some are in possession of the brand of harmonic thickness & melodic travel my mind associates with C. Weisman ("Just A Rock" , "Flypaper") , & some are just plain out there . Ian is a magnanimous & focused musician & this tape is no doubt the tip of an iceberg OSR can only hope will sink the USS Art Culture once and for all , in one fell swoop even acclimating its spiritually emaciated inhabitants to aquatic respiration and reverence for the mystical , sonorous behemoths that encircle all those ready to "go deep" into their art in a contemporary nautical ballet I like to call "real freedom" .

31 minutes , art by Ian Kovac Jr Jr & Christina Schneider
soundcloud : "Camera"
press : Boston Hassle

© 2016 , OSR , "All Right!"s reserved