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[ coming July/August 2014 : 3 new LPs on OSR , by Hartley C. White , Chris Weisman and BBB !
cassette releases on the way from BBB (unrel. retrospective) , Tori Kudo (Maher Shalal Hash Baz) , Ker Westerlund (Happy Jawbone) ,
possibly a guise of Son of Salami , & a compilation of covers of Chris Weisman's songs (submissions for the latter completely open to the public , please contribute !) ]

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OSR#13         (rel. 03.'14 , ed. of 150)

Memories Crash On My Heart cassingle

impresarios of Gnar Tapes , indefatigable international Oregon songwriters
& sworn enemies of sister band White Fang come to OSR to spread
their massage of tenderness and emotional flexibility . I love
these guys , they really remind me of Shoes in the best way .
their songs always take up a slice of reality with instinctive
playfulness & optimism & grace , & the music is just beautifully
content w/ its unembellished formal simplicity . they've already
made a ton of music but Rikky & his trikksters are always just
starting , so freshly do they tread . 9 minutes , art by Sarah Smith
hear "We Can Call It Whatever" at Soundcloud
OSR#12         (rel. 03.'14 , ed. of 150)

Palberta My Pal Berta cassette

this is Ani , Lily & Nina's first record as Palberta ,
an absolutely incredible , dynamic rock band from upstate NY ,
impeccably recorded by Paco Cathcart [Big Neck Police]
on a cassette 4 track with xtra clarity & vivid style .
if you see the band live you'll notice they switch off
on guitar , bass & drums , this is totally original music
and I won't consign even a bit of it to description ,
it's too good for that , so you're on your own !
23 minutes , art by the band
hear "When I Come" at Soundcloud
or stream the whole thing at bandcamp
OSR#11         (rel. 08.'13 , ed. of 150)

Garbus / Bissette cassingle

Ruth Garbus & Danny Bissette , yolk heroes of Brattleboro , VT
with some new and beautiful songs .
check out Ruth's releases on Burger & Autumn Records
& sit for an upcoming full length of stuff this good .
& Danny's 7" under the false flag of Bent Dynasties
on Rarebit Records .
A: (Ruth) And You Be (Soundcloud) / I Won't Quit ;
B: (Danny) Dear Man / Change Yer Mind / Flower Pot
/ Eat w/ the Wolves . 20 minutes , art by Garbus/Bissette
OSR#10         (rel. 08.'13 , ed. of 150)

White / Blanche cassingle

Hartley C. White & Blanche Blanche Blanche collaboration ,
rec. by George Dugan (MetroSonic Studios)
A: The Never, Never Girl (Soundcloud) (White/Smith/Phillips) ;
B: An Argument (Phillips/Smith/White)
bass on "An Argument" : Chris Weisman . 5 minutes
video: Hartley's Let's Play Politics
an interview with Hartley
buy Hartley's self-released albums of Whopazootic music here & here & here
OSR#0         (rel. 2.'13)

The Marshfield Set The Marshfield Set YouTube
stream it

The Marshfield Set: who are they ? who were they ? Adam , Ed &
Tracy were 3 residents of Marshfield , a well-to-do town somewhere in
New England , decided to try their hands at a little music . meeting
weekly and rotating the role of writer/director , they decided to
publish their progress straight to YouTube . OSR presents the Set

OSR#9         (rel. 08.'13 , ed. of 150)

Big French cassingle

on the occasion of the release of the inaugural
Big French LP "Downtown Runnin"
(out July '13 on OSR comrades Wharf Cat Records) comes this cassingle .
BF = Quentin Moore , Colin White , Adam Steck , Jo M-G (Great Valley) ,
& me , your host zp
A: Would Not Try (album) / Payback (demo) (Soundcloud) ;
B: Atlanta (album) / How Many Times (demo) .
art by RAFTAR . 10 minutes
Payback (album version) (video by OSR)
OSR#3         (rel. 06.'12, re-rel. 08.'13 , eds. of 150)

Blanche Blanche Blanche Open Session Rock cassette

Open Session Rock: BBB album #6 . 24 songs from Washington Street ,
Brattleboro in 42 minutes .
the only one recorded to Tascam 488 w/ shy fader
methodology & excessive parametric EQ sweeps
our favorite triple Blanche album . guitar by Sarah Smith
Shadows (audio)
Ryan and Lisa (audio)
The Ice Cream Skating Rink (audio)
OSR#7         (rel. 2.'13 , ed. of 150)

Zach Phillips I Can't Predict My Past Actions cassette

I.C.P.M.P.A.: A side: a nonrepetitive 24 minute song
w/ lyrics , Blue Gene Tyranny quotes etc.
B side: an arrangement of Johnny Ray's "Cry"
& a processed instrumental version of the A side .
lyrics were fed through an alphabet pitch system,
each letter notated in the order sung,
resultant melody was harmonized on paper & recorded rubato
~~ (cassette cover is the title notated using the system) ~~ 48 minutes
OSR#6         (rel. 2.'13 , ed. of 150)

Better Psychics What Is Rule cassette

What Is Rule: BP#2. Chris Weisman & Zach Phillips. 16 songs recorded
in the new new style .
liver than live mixing , "I'm OK with the blind overdub"
32 minutes , no cover , imprinted tape in a case w/ a color sticker
the first BP album started out as my production of Chris Weisman's songs
and this second album started out as his production of mine
many novel tactics used and forgotten , like the jokes of any day
as NME has it: "not merely uncanonical , Wei-Phi manage to stuff
the whole history of pop music writ large into the can(n)on of
forgotten lo-fi method-apology , swiftly attempting almost nothing
but largely avoiding the phallocentrism of nearly everything else"
video: "You Don't Have To Disappear"
video: "Better Psychic Victim"
OSR#5         (rel. 12.'12 , ed. of 150)

Better Psychics Better Psychics cassette

Better Psychics: Chris Weisman & Zach Phillips .
a statement from Chris on the album
20 songs w/ live mixing , 42 minutes
video: "Loose", cover by Ruth Garbus & Kyle Thomas
OSR#0         (rel. 11.'12)

Chris Weisman Maya Properties digital
/ download mp3 zip

Maya Properties: Chris's new (circa '12) 88-song
YouTube album . "its ideal form
is a piano painted by Kyle Thomas where each key plays a song instead
of a note . American composers in paradise write more music"
video: "Double Life"
OSR#8         (rel. 4.'13 , ed. of 150)

Gordon Wallace Send Away cassette


Send Away: Gordon Wallace is Robert Scott
(the Clean, the Bats, Electric Blood, etc.)
he originally released this album on his tape label EST in 1987
23 songs in a soft style , an early version of "Mastery" by the Bats
what can I say , I really like it. "how many hunters can really shoot?"
artwork by Robert Scott . 60 minutes . download
OSR#4         (rel. 10.'12 , ed. of 150)

The Howling Hex Navajo Rag cassette


Navajo Rag: long form psychedelic mixing by Neil Hagerty
and the Howling Hex ,
with mixing by Harpoon Forever & artwork by RAFTAR . 44 minutes
OSR#2         (rel. 4.'12 , ed. of 150)

Chris Weisman Beatleboro cassette


Beatleboro: 24 songs from Elliot Street in 60 minutes.
cover by Sam Phillips . stream/download it at soundcloud
OSR#1         (rel. 01.'12 , ed. of 150)

Blanche Blanche Blanche 2wice 2wins
b/w Bruce Hart Songs For Music cassette


2wice 2wins: BBB#4. 11 songs from Elliot Street,
bass by Danny Bissette
video: Alots B4

Songs For Music: BH#2. 11 songs from High Street.
30 minutes each side . download