fully autonomous unit     &       professional instrumental assistants for Jib Kidder live menage

                    journalistically speaking:
CE SCHNEIDER TOPICAL first convened in 2013 to record some of
Christina Schneider’s songs on ZP’s multitrack tape rig. »»» Since
then, song authorship and engineer status have destabilized! »»»
Today’s CE Schneider Topical is a wholly collaborative enterprise
and to the extent it is recognized at all, it should be recognized
as such. »»» CE Schneider Topical is also an accompaniment
organism symbiotically attached to the Jib Kidder host organism.
        m.e.m.b.e.r.s.:        Christina SChneider                           &                                                 Zach PHillips

                        FIRST ALBUM     "Look Who Showed Up Out Here" released 11/10/2014
                        from OSR on cassette

the press tells you we are good :
Child Child Yellow Blue know what's up // Boston Hassle sez again // Tiny Mix Tapes sez // Boston Hassle sez // Ad Hoc sez

all contact:        c.eleni.schneider at gmail dot com ~         

Sunday 1/18/2015 with Curse Purse , Marcia Bassette & Samara Lubelski at Palisades , Brooklyn NY
early/mid March in EUROPE with Jib Kidder & then as CE Schneider Topical ! please contact c.eleni.schneider at gmail dot com for any booking help !!!


///// Friday 12/19/14 with Cult of Riggonia & Invisible Circle at Secret Project Robot , Brooklyn NY
Friday November 28 thru Saturday Dec 6 NORTH EAST TOUR WITH SAMUEL BOAT : PITTSBURGH CHICAGO NASHVILLE ATLANTA ATHENS BARD BURLINGTON EASTHAMPTON,MA >>>> LIIIIIINK TO MORE INFORMATION Sunday November 23 Jib Kidder (backing band : CE S T) 8PM at Silent Barn in Brooklyn , NY with Hartley C. White , Ed Askew Band , Moth Eggs , & Ruth Garbus !
Saturday November 8 Boston Hassle fest, Boston MA~!
Friday November 7 8PM at the Brick House Community Ctr in Turners Falls, MA with Ruth Garbus, Samuel Boat, Death Savings Flag
Thursday November 6 8PM at Trans Pecos in Brooklyn , NY with Horse Lords , Voice Coils & PC Worship Mutant Seoul Band
Sunday November 1
8PM at 603 Bushwick (Silent Barn upstairs) in Brooklyn , NY with Ryan Power , Samuel Boat & New Firmament
Tuesday October 7 2014 at Bodii Actualized Center, Brooklyn NY with Jerry Paper , Void Moon , Grapefruit & DJ Raw Thrills

/////July 26-27 , Heptagames 2014
/////Friday August 15 2014 at Death By Audio , 49 S 2nd St Brooklyn NY with Sean Nicholas Savage , Nicholas Nicholas , Jerry Paper
///// Thurs June 26 2014 at Palisades , Brooklyn NY with Palberta , Big Neck Police

                                                      CE S.T. on >>> GNAR Tapes "Back 2 Skool" comp , Sept 2014