triple     b l a n c h e                       you can hear & download all of it at band camp
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[link] TinyMixTapes , 2014
[link] Portals , 2013
[link] Frogs on a Log , 2013
[link] 7Days VT , 2013

blanche blanche blanche is sarah smith & zach phillips from new hampshire , lame men able to tread

that turned into a band called "easy street" with luke csehak and danny bissette
I was getting into recording songs on my own at the time on cassette multitrackers

this was in brattleboro , vermont , near vermont yankee power plant in vernon

eventually sarah ( her "visual art" is amazing too* ) moved to new york city .

then we stopped playing in the band in order to enjoy quieter moods

albums :

* "super head" book by sarah : random man books 2017
#10 in-progress (writ. '15/'16, rec. '16/ongoing)
#9 hints to pilgrims (rec. '13)
#8.5 termite music (comp. of unreleased/live work) (rel. '14)
#8 breaking mirrors (rec. '12/'13)
#7.5 birds of paradise 7" (rec. '12)
#7 wooden ball (rec. '12)
#6 open session rock (rec. '12)
#5 our place (rec. '11)
#4 2wice 2wins (rec. '11)
#3 papas proof (rec. '11)
#2 wink with both eyes (rec. '11)
#1 songs of bbb (rec. '10)
#0.5 talk out loud 7" (rec. '10)

we started playing together in 2007 and recorded
2 albums and played shows as "sord"

we kept going and started to get results we liked
more and cared more about it

we both took lessons from chris weisman (he drew this cover for "wink with
both eyes" and I'm listening to his music right now) . we recorded
7 triple blanche albums living in beatleburgh

and eventually I did too and we spent a year playing as a big band
including these wonderful guys and we made a couple more albums

now it's now , 2014 , I don't know what's next really ,
hopefully more music
[ as of summer 2014 BBB is on indefinite hiatus as a performing
and recording entity ]
[ and now it's now , 2016 , the label is ending and we are working on BBB album # 10
the 'public' dimension of our story ends here ]
[ now it's 2017 & we didn't finish the album , we did one show w/ chris weisman , ruth
garbus & kurt weisman last year playing it , we'll get back to brass tax one day ]
[ now it's 2018 & the trap is still set ... ]